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September 24th 2021


iOS and Android



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In Mirror Worlds is a minimalist, grid-based puzzle game where you move from starting positions to a goal in two different puzzles simultaneously.

The game features the beautiful, relaxing music of Scott Buckley to accompany you on your puzzle-solving journey through worlds based on the seasons.

Play through 80 hand-designed levels in 4 different worlds, each with new mechanics, from one-way walls to arrows that push you across the grid.

The game costs $0.99 with no ads or in-app purchases. All updates, including new worlds, will be free for people who have purchased the game. For those looking to try the game before they buy, an online demo is available!

All proceeds are being donated to Earthworks and the Clean Air Task Force, environmental charities dedicated to promoting better practices to keep Earth healthy and safe.

About the Developer

Logan Apple is an indie developer based in Bellevue, Washington who previously developed Shadows (Steam), a platformer focused on a lost amnesiac trying to find hope, and Starblazer (iOS), an homage to retro space shooters.

In Mirror Worlds is Logan's first foray into puzzle games, inspired by pathfinding algorithms in graph theory. He wanted the game to be challenging, but balanced the frustration of being unable to solve a puzzle with calming music and gently animated nature backgrounds.

In addition to the worlds currently in the game, Logan has promised there will be several more in future updates after its release in September 2021.


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