Logan Apple

Inventor and Problem Solver

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See more on my ArtStation page. Select designs are purchasable as phone cases, prints, and more through Etsy.

About Me

Hello! My name is Logan Apple. I'm a computer science major at Caltech with a passion for creating new technologies. On campus, I'm involved with the undergraduate website dev team, PRISM, the CMS Advisory Councils, and two a cappella groups. My other interests include fractal art, designing videogames, and traditional sword-fighting. Over the years, my art has been featured in galleries, books, and magazines across the world. I occasionally post my thoughts on my on Twitter (@loganapple540).

A general list of accomplishments and projects I've worked on is available here.

What can I do?

Advanced: C#, Python, TS/JS
Intermediate: C, C++, OCaml
Basic: Haskell
Specialties: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Graphics, Videogame Design
Tools: Xamarin, Godot, Git, Unix, CUDA, React, Redux, HTML5/CSS3, OpenCV
Natural Languages: English, Spanish

Let's Talk!

New projects, freelance inquiry, or a cafe meetup.