Logan Apple

Inventor and Problem Solver

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Looking for more art? Visit ArtStation or Instagram. Select designs are available as prints.

About Me

Hello! My name is Logan Apple. I'm an Xbox software engineer (previously CS at Caltech) with a passion for programming languages, compilers, and their mathematical underpinnings in category theory. I'm also quite fond of creating interesting games and helpful tools. My other interests include fractal art, archery, and hiking the occasional mountain. Over the years, my art has been featured in galleries, books, and magazines across the world. I occasionally post my thoughts on my on Twitter (@loganapple540).

A general list of accomplishments and projects I've worked on is available here.

What can I do?

Advanced: C#, Python, TS/JS
Intermediate: C++, OCaml, Haskell
Basic: Rust
Specialties: PL, Videogame Design, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Tools: Xamarin, Godot, Git, Unix, CUDA, React, Redux, HTML5/CSS3, OpenCV
Natural Languages: English, Spanish, Klingon

Let's Talk!

New projects, freelance inquiry, or a cafe meetup.