Welcome to my personal domain! If you'd like, you may help yourself to some of the tea that I prepared moments ago. Oh, and feel free to read through those papers on the table; they're filled with information about me and about my work. Looking for my resume? Take a look here! Want a more generic list of what I've done? Perhaps this document will be to your liking!

Speaking of which, who am I? My name is Logan Apple — as you could probably infer from the enormous title text you saw when you came to this website. Well, I say website; this is actually just a webpage, though it contains the equivalent information of a website. Don't be fooled by its smaller appearance.

About Me

Hello! I am 18 years old and my journey in programming started 8 years ago. From my novice beginnings in C#, I have progressed to being proficient in Python, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I'm currently learning Q# and Haskell while expanding my knowledge of C++. With my skills I've developed multiple apps for iDevices (did I mention I've worked in Objective-C?), but I am currently focusing my efforts on PC software. In my spare time, I also craft fractal art. In fact, that image you first saw is an example of what I can do.

Cuando era niño — yes, in addition to programming languages, I can read, write, and speak in a few natural ones — I traveled across the globe. I've lived in and visited everywhere from Belgium, to England, to Japan, to Panama, to Denmark, to Hawai'i, and back again. In fact, I was actually born in Belgium, though I was raised primarily in the United States of America, which is where I am living today. I'm presently attending the California Institute of Technology to study computer science and mathematics.

As for my more personal interests? I enjoy tennis, archery, and sword-fighting when I get a chance to practice. I also find fascination in sciences and mathematics of all sorts, however computer science is unequivocally my favorite. In my freshman year of high school, I went to the Intel ISEF for my work in computer science for creating HyperCalc, a multi-platform unit conversion and mathematical calculation application. In my junior year, I again attended the Intel ISEF and placed 3rd for my work in creating a sign language translation app. In my senior year, I was awarded the national honor of being named a Presidential Scholar in CTE (Career and Technical Education).

My Creations

I now have 10 apps on the app store: Sun Eclipse (and the Lite version), Space Edge (and the Lite version), Wonderjump!, Secret of the Bermuda, Abscond, the Millbrook App, which was made for my high school, and Rings of Radiance. Most, however, beyond the latter two, were made years ago and are not the best representatives of my capabilities. The 10th, and last, app was a contract I did for the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum. I also have quite an interest in developing PC games, something which I have dabbled in many times. One of my endeavors has turned into a significant indie project: Shadows is puzzle platformer game now available on Steam and Gamejolt!

In addition, I create fractal art, all of which you may view on my DeviantArt page. My first Daily Deviation, an honor of your work being featured across the entire website for a day, was awarded "Ribboned Tide", a nebulaic piece of mine. Though I originally experimented in the various forms of fractal creation, I now have a strong focus on two-dimensional, linears — otherwise called nebulaic — works.

Below are links to a few of my works; my new PC game, Shadows, one of my mobile games, Rings of Radiance, and a piece of my art, Ribboned Tide:



Today I focused almost entirely on completing this website, making it something I could be proud of and something that represents me professionally. With the earlier advice of my comrade, Clayton Miller, I modified certain aspects of the navigation and header structure to make for a better viewer/user experience. On another note, this happens to be my first entry for this "blog" of mine. In the below paragraph, you may examine what further installments will entail.

Every day, or perhaps week might be better, I will be submitting another paragraph or two on what work I did today. That, or I might comment on something I saw recently or maybe a hamburger I ate. You never know. In any case, they will contain at least some of my antics and various thoughts for the day. With any luck, I will remember to actually post them after writing each, but if I forget one day to read my sticky note, expect it to be available for observation on the following eventide, avon (that's an archaic form of the word "afternoon" which I find interesting to use), or morn.

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